The holistic approach of a subtle, casual and luxurious lifestyle.


With over 20 years of experience Joerg Schmidt founded HAUSSMANN LIVING – a studio for architectural and interior design.


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We are based in Berlin.

Haussmann Living Interior & Home Staging

Taking inspriration from living in Paris and Berlin and of course many other cosmopolitan influences HAUSSMANN LIVING was founded in 2021 by Joerg Schmidt. The newest chapter in over 20 years of experience in architecture, interior design and real estate. This profound knowledge has defined an open view on what determines a cosmopolitan lifestyle today. 


The HAUSSMANN LIVING signature reflects Zeitgeist, combining characteristic qualities of what we define as casual and restrained luxury. 

Subtle, calm and relaxed would describe the approach taken on a new project  – reflecting the discretion, that is often needed when working under private conditions. 


Dedicated to a strong and open communication and connection with each customer and understanding their needs – this strong customer focus and loyalty are a significant trademark of HAUSSMANN LIVING. 


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Joerg Schmidt Haussmann Living Interior Design

Joerg Schmidt, Owner

After Joerg Schmidts Diploma in architecture from the TU in Berlin, he started his career with commercial design in Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf and slowly shifted to residential projects.

The different approaches of designing for retail, fitness and lifestyle for a wider public and consumer as well as the individual residential customers of private space of living or working – have taught Joerg Schmidt a wide spectrum of customer needs and the matching interior design.

The Dipl. Ingenieur has worked over boundaries, from Berlin to St Petersburg or Ibiza, resulting in a cosmopolitan taste and style characterized by ease and french laissez-faire. Casual luxury describe his style best.



What inspires Joerg?

A kid of the 80s.


Berlin – Paris – Ibiza – Design – Music – Art, have always inspired his work and will always be visible in the interior design.


“My curiosity and love for the beauty in even the strangest things create my personal moodboard.”

Zoe Rasch Haussmann Living Home Staging

Zoe Rasch

With the many years of experience as a head of Event Planing Management, Zoe Rasch has developed a clear and focused vision of the necessities on creating a convincing look, emplifying the qualities of a given space. She is the perfect match for HAUSSMANN LIVING in staging and styling a project.

Her love for floristics, and the professional eye on every detail with a clear mood in mind are the key factors of presenting any space from its best possible side.

May it be the sale of your real estate, or building a look-and-feel for an individual portfolio of owners of furnished rental apartments, her finishing touch is the detail needed to make the difference.



What inspires Zoe?
A dreamer stranded in Berlin, constantly transforming.


A field in Brandenburg with fifty shades of green, snorkeling and observing the pattern of water, falling into nightlife and spotting the beauty of rave – both, nature and the culture of cities give endless impulses and joy. 


“Most of my work is about focussing. Focussing and cleansing from unnecessary items, chaos, triviality. To reveal the elegance of simplicity.”